Inner Balance

Starting to get settled into the research position now at the CDCI and the Taylor institute. One thing I really like about working here is that I have creative freedom to express myself. It’s really cool to be able to let my ideas flow from my mind and make them reality. I was thinking about that other day. Everything around me that is manmade was once an idea floating around in someone’s head and they made it a reality. Reminds me of a quote I saw before, the only difference between reality and dreams is action, also, the graveyard is the richest place on earth. I guess what these both mean is that everyone has good ideas no matter who you are. You may hear your inner voice tell you “No that’s not a good idea! “Or “Don’t do it, it’s too hard”. Each of us are our own worst critic, no matter what anyone says about your work or you, no one is as hard on you as yourself. However there is no bigger fan than yourself as well. I feel like everyone should strive for internal balance. We have so much going on in our everyday lives that we forget to turn our attention to ourselves. That’s what us so, unique as…. A human? Our sense of self-awareness. Nobody calls you out on your B.S more than yourself. Yeah I don’t know where I’m going with this. These are just my everyday thoughts. I feel like the whole office would benefit from a group meditation. Hell I’d run that. All in all I really like working here, plus free coffee and tea. I can’t really handle the coffee yet though lol. I was vibrating in my seat last time I drank it. Anyways that’s all for today.

P.S I’ve included an art piece I’ve done relating to inner balance. A little detail about the art piece. I was at a really low point in my life where I was drinking heavily just to dull the pain of not knowing what to do with my life and anxiety I felt from everything. I felt like I was drinking myself to death. But at that low point in my life is where I really found to accept and embrace both sides of myself and really begin to love myself. Only once I was able to do that was I able to balance out my inner workings of my mind.












Buddhacris signing out