Earth A.K.A speck of dust

Deep breath in , Deep breath out. That’s what its all about . I don’t know what I’m saying . wait no that’s my meditation practice. Its what I do to begin my meditations. Mind and body are one you see. So if you calm the body down, so does the mind. very simple . hard to execute. meditation is a very interesting practice to say the least. I’ve been doing it for 9 years now . And to be honest I still don’t fully understand it. When I first started I would have many deep insights about myself and my self exploration was very rapid. But now that I’m very experienced in it. These revelations about myself don’t come as often anymore. I think it’s because those deep insights that I look for lie deeper and deeper in my psyche. 1 hour meditations don’t cut it anymore. anything past 2 hours i cant keep focus long enough to hold the state yet . Its god damn hard. So many distractions to veer me off course. You’d think that after 9 years of doing it I’d be able to hold the meditation state for longer. But I’ve gotten very good at one thing. I can hold the meditation state outside of actual meditation posture. For example during everyday activities my mind is usually blank. I’m fully present in the present moment. I dont worry about what has happened , I don’t worry about whats going to happen. Just be…. a very buddhist way of thinking I guess. Or.. not thinking , haha . Buddhist joke….. Speaking of that , I really don’t fully know what Nirvana is in the first place. I sorta have an idea or vague idea of what it is but don’t really know. My understanding is that it’s the state of not having questions or having all your questions answered. Is that even possible? what about the questions that don’t have an answer? Like for me I’m secretly a huge physics nerd. Like how galaxies form, stars develop, gravitational space time shit , and black holes. Fucking black holes . Those things I’ve been thinking about for a looooong time. For those that don’t know anything about black holes let me give you a brief summary of this amazing universal force. Now at the center of this galaxy we call the Milky Way, I dont know why its called that . it looks like spilled milk? i dont know. anyways at the center of this amazing galaxy is a black hole. Now this black hole has a gravitational reach of about 100,000 light years. Now a light year is the distance light travels in 1 year. So light travels at about 300 million kilometers per second . for reference if you haven’t lost me yet the width of the earth is about 12,000 km from side to side. So thats pretty fucking fast . If light travels 300 million kilometers per second , and there are…. umm let me do some math… there is 31,536,000 seconds in one year on this ball of dirt called earth. So multiply the seconds in one year by how many kilometers light goes in one second you get *drum roll for huge fucking number* 946,080,000,000,000 thats about 950 trillion kilometers travelled in 1 year by light . god damn son . now at this point i cant even visualize this because the number is so fucking massive. but hey we’re not done yet . earth a.k.a ball of dirt is about 25,000 light years away from the black hole in the center of our galaxy so 950 trillion multipled by 25,000 light years is  236520000000000000000 kilometers which in words is 236 quintillion kilometers away. this is just getting silly . BUT WHAT MY POINT IS. this THING in the middle of our galaxy has influence on us from SO FUCKING FAR AWAY we cant avoid . eventually , rest assured ball of dirt aka us. will end up in the centre of this black hole , which just sucks up everything into a infinitely small point and takes it where? Who the fuck knows? thats like compressing all of earth into a grain of sand. WHAT ? LIKE WHAT? Why does something like this exist? I dont have the answer to these questions . But wait theres more I have one more physics bonus fact . remember how I said it takes light 1 second to travel 300 million  kilometers? That’s only relative to US. relativity remember? ( thanks Einstein. Now what relativity says is that the faster you travel to light speed the slower time goes for the subject. So if a light particle is going at light speed , that means ( correct me if im wrong anyone) that means that for the particle of light it doesn’t actually experience what me and you call “time” . So the time it takes for the light to go from the sun to your eye , may take a couple minutes from your perspective , but from the light’s perspective it took “NO TIME” like it didn’t experience “time” time is a single entity to it. there is no past no future only present to the particle all of the future and past and present are one  . Maybe that’s what meditation is supposed to teach you? maybe that’s what the universe is trying to teach you? I don’t know I’m just another human flying through space on a ball of dirt .

Bonus: I’ve included a sketch I made of a skeleton of what our entire galaxy looks like , goes in infinitely, goes out infinitely ( I ran out of paper space to make it any bigger)

Buddhacris signing out

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