Achieving a Zen state of the “Self” and “Ego”

Ok just had breakfast , and realized I’ve been slacking on these posts. I wanted to do daily updates but I got a little lazy to to … well life. Yeah but I want to do these daily entries into the blog. It’s something I look forward to in my day. So what’s been no my mind recently. not much . Lost my train of thought choo choo. It died . but its back now , and chugging along. Now usually when i do my free writing like this I do it with a pen and paper . But since i’m on keyboard I can pump out more words per minute. But that also mean my mind has to think a little bit faster when it comes to this . because when I write I have a lot more time to process when i’m going to write . Its like energetic channeling I find. Oh right there is one thing I wanted to talk about . The topic of discussion today is happiness. I was talking to my friend yesterday and he asked you know ” oh hey how are you doing?” then you reply with the ” oh hey i’m good” when deep down you actually have a whole bunch of things on your mind you’d much rather talk about but your afraid the other person will be scared away by your ” issues” . But to be frank I would rather talk about nothing but peoples issues. Because that’s the best way to deal with them. You can’t keep them bottled up inside expecting to think out your problem . That’s a load of horse shit. Just talk. I’ll listen . Why do you think the buddha has massive ears? Because buddhas listen. It’s our forte. You ‘d be very surprised how close you can get to someone if you just shut the fuck up and listen to them . INstead of trying to come up with things to say to keep the conversation in a shallow space. Honestly I’d much rather listen to people. It’s a lot less work. I only speak when I have something meaningful to say or its funny. Everyone searches for meaning in their lives and laughter makes everything better no? That’s what I strive for. If i can make somebody’s day just a little bit better then goal accomplished. I notice everyone seems to think that ” AH woe is me the world is out to get me ” What the fuck? NO . The world IS you . No ones out to get you , the only thing make you feel stressed is yourself. You yourself are the source of your misery. A rainy day is not depressing because it just is. Its depressing because you think it is. See where i’m going with this? TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR OWN MIND. its so simple. WHy do we let external forces control what goes on in our own mind? that’s just stupid. that’s like If I let someone else tell me how to do my art because they think their method is superior. You think I give a shit if your method is superior? First of all thats your ego speaking , second thats the point, its YOUR method. Not mine , not your grandma’s, not your sisters. That is how art works! That’s the whole point of being an artist. Expressing your “self” . I quote that because We have 2 “selves” if you wanna put it that way. We each have our “Ego” which is this shell we carry around because this is how we want others people external to us to perceive us. Then we have our “Self” which is filling of the ego shell so to speak. The jelly to the jelly donut as an example. The self is who we REALLY are . now you can’t ever get rid of the ego its always there. But what you can do is change its position in your body. INstead of the ego being portrayed on the outside all the time . I decide to make my SELF what everyone see’s and keep my EGO in check on the inside. very simple. hard to do. Once you learn to master how to switch these interchangeably life gets a lot easier.  Ill leave you with an example of EGO and SELF control . When I say ” I can control my ego” is my ego speaking AND my SELF at the same time. think about that…..

Stay Crazy

Buddhacris signing out


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