Find your art form, and do it forever

I wish I could use gothic font with this. I love the whole idea of those big gothic castles that are dark and fucking freaky. But on the inside it being really modern and filled with art. That would be my dream home . Wait no one of them. My number 1 dream goal is to have a granite pagoda on the top of a mountain right at the peak. God I would absolutely love that. Im sending that intention out there. When I’m older and little more crazier. Im going to build a rock solid pagoda for the ages atop a mountain. Im going to write and record all my knowledge down into books and recordings as rap. All my world insights and my journey. And eventually what Nirvana actaully is or feels like. It’s a long time coming. But I’ll get there eventually . step by step litle by little . IN the meantime , stay present in the present. Dont worry about whether or not I’m going to build this pagoda or not, what granite I’m going to use , where the granite desk will be , where the meditation room will be , how its gonna look…. right off track. back to present thought. Starting to really like photography. It gives me a way to portray how I see the world and what the world looks like through a different lense. I can see why this is an age old hobby now. It’s just amazing what you can do with a simple photograph. The whole concept of a photograph is amazing in the first place. It’s a snapshot in time . A small little record of the universe at that time. What someone was doing at a certain event , or who they were with. just taking in the energy of that moment and capturing it. Something oddly awesome about that. I’m starting to really like this whole photography thing. Doing to edits and photo manipulations with it really lets me do all these crazy art ideas I have in my head and make them a reality. That’s another thing I really like about this . All the time I have these ideas or images in my head that float around and I’m able to make them reality. I was thinking about this other day, I noticed how everything, that’s man made at least, was at its core was just an idea floating in someone’s head too. They too made their idea a reality. really cool to think about. Brings me back to the question , What isnt art? What is art? art : an expression of human creative skill and imagination. I came up with a motto or saying today too.

“Find your art form, and do it forever”

I like it, we’ll leave the blog like that today . Stay Crazy

Buddhacris signing out

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