Hardship & Heartbreaks

This is a hard topic for sure. Recently I’ve been through a lot and sometimes it gets to a point where I feel like giving up . To the point where I wonder why all this hardship and struggle lands on my back all the sudden. I go through so much mental strain from the world around me . And throw in the strain in my heart from cutting things off with someone , It feels like someone is squeezing my heart and making it struggle to pump. I fucking hate emotions sometimes.

I’m going to post some poetry to understand these emotions a little better I guess. Maybe I’ll look back at this blog when I’m older and see how far I’ve come.


My heart breaks in two for you

you made me feel something

you revealed something

I buried long ago

& now I carry this weight

5 tons on my shoulders

Rocks in my heart like boulders

I loved you & I still do

I try to forget by focusing on putting bills through

your still there

still there

bury my mind at work

still there

still there….

These tears are heavy

each time they come I’m never ready

Its pain

My soul aches

I wish it was your face I saw when I wake

you brought me joy

like christmas morning to a little boy

Your presence was a present

and I never got sick of it

But this feeling was one way

I fall in love too fast

do you blame me?

I wish you the best

Thank you for everything.


Accompanying Art PieceĀ 

I just got the idea to create an art piece for each piece of poetry . I feel like it really gives the art piece meaning and substance. Not just some pretty picture that looks nice. I feel like a lot of artists don’t do that . They just make a piece and its hard to peple to understand the artists point of view unless they are directly told. But I think good art should speak for itself. The artist doesnt have to be there. even if the artist is long dead , or missing. The message remains for others to understand. thats the power of it. To create an impact on people, to help people understand this crazy world we live in just a little better. To connect us through something we can all understand. To bring people together , to share laughs, sorrow, pain, joy, and everything life has to offer. Because we are all in this together. There’s no ” I ” or ” Me”. Just “Us ” and “We” .

Here is the art piece , I made it for the girl in the poem. She loved elephants and Peony flowers. This one’s for you E.C