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First off happy new years to everyone this time of year marks new beginnings and another chapter in our journey. I usually take this time to reflect on my year and I take time to plan out how I want the year to go.

I’m starting to move toward the minimalist movement as I want to de-clutter my life as well as start keeping things and people around me that really matter and make me happy. I feel as if this year I’ve been chasing material objects to make me happy. I just wanted more and more THINGS and I just took a step back and realized that I was on a very self destructive path. I saw myself using people and loving things and for a moment I was so disgusted with myself that I’ve ended up like this. However this is how we grow. I could’ve kept on the path of hating myself and saying ” How could you do that?! , Your a horrible person , Why would you think like that?!” and so on….. But I like to live in balance with myself and I accepted that was who I was and made a conscious effort to change it for the better.

This year I want to create more, I want to help others create , and I want to empower people. I’m slowly becoming the best version of myself and I have a long and exciting journey ahead of me. I’ve met some really cool people and I’m going to meet a lot more. I’m going to get closer to achieving my goals. Through continual persistent effort. I will not give up . I will work from the Why of what I do instead of from the What I do. I’m going to connect to people and show them the true power they have within themselves. I’m going to reorganize my life and create my reality . I will make my dreams true and keep the vision very clear in my head. I will develop more as a person and create meaningful connections with people. I will become a city known a r t d e a l e r . I’ll figure out a way to host underground crazy art auction parties .

I’m going to deeply engrain myself into the art community in Calgary and become THE ROOT CHAKRA for all of Calgary. I will take in all the energy and keep it positive and flowing into the community. I want to unite the community in Calgary to truly unlock the exponential power of collaboration within people. That’s the value I will  bring to people. I also want to create a masterpiece of art in Calgary that will inspire generations of people to come. Even after im dead I want it to inspire and empower people. To truly become and Icon for people around the world. Not to benefit me but the community as a whole. I’m able to see now that by working just for yourself you don’t benefit anyone but yourself. However if you work for the community you ultimately end up growing yourself as well as others around you.

I’ll document everything. Everything that goes on in my life and my thoughts on it how it affects me. This will be the documentation of my life and my journey to Nirvana….whatever that is. I’m going to end the post with a vision board that I’m going to make that outline how I want 2018 to go and where I see myself going.

Stay Blessed, Stay Humble

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