Ey YoooOOOOOoooOOOo lets get it


That’s going to be my motto for this year. Some people think the whole “New year new me!” mantra is stupid as shit . I am one of those people. Why would you wait until New Years to come around to make change in your life? Fuck that. If I see the opportunity to make positive change in my life I’m going to make that change the day I see it.

I’m really starting to see the power of goal setting and intentions. Recently I’ve started to write down everything that goes on in my head. I noticed I was telling myself a lot of things like “I’ll clean the house after this” or “I’m too tired to do that” or “I should really make that idea happen”. What I noticed due to my mindfulness training (A.K.A Meditation) was that I would tell myself these things but NEVER act on them.

I’m so focused on my goals now that I’ve written them all down. Also I made goals that were realistic and achievable. Why would I set goals for myself that I can never achieve and just end up getting sad because I couldn’t make them happen. That’s just self punishment.

What am I doing to achieve my goals?

Some things I’m doing now are investing into knowledge. What do I mean by that? Well I got an audible account , which is this platform where authors have audio recordings of their books for your to listen to. I noticed I wanted to read more and more to keep my mind stimulated but I just never had the time to sit down and give a book my full attention for anymore than 10 minutes at a time. I’m also trying this thing called “Gamifying” What it involves is turning your daily tasks and habits into “Quests”. In return your rewarded with gold and experience to level up your character ( It’s called Habitica) Sounds stupid I know but the point is I see myself as that character in the game. It gives a me real time feedback to how I’m developing myself and improving( I get 6 xp and 1 gold for this blog post 😀 ) . Plus it’s kinda fun from what I see of it. I’ve also started to dedicate a time of the week to my friends as well. I noticed that I was GRINDING waaaaaay to hard and I ignored my friends and family to work. But that’s not how one keeps a balanced lifestyle at all. I began to see that if I focused too much on my career and business that my relationships with my family and friends would fall. I’m also going to do these blog posts on the daily now . It helps me reflect on my day as well as see where my heads as. One day after posting hundreds of these posts I can look back and see my progress and hopefully other people will as well and they can be inspired :). Stay Blessed Stay Humble


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