You are your inner circle

Don’t get comfortable

Today was a day that I reflected on my relationships with the people around me and where I want to go in my life. I am going through a lot of internal changes. My goals and vision are changing and becoming more clear. I’m starting to know where I want to go and how I will get there. I’m not perfect, but I guess I’ll never be. The constant changing and self revisions I make to myself are what keeps me excited to wake up everyday. I notice I’m starting to get comfortable in my job and I’m starting to get stagnant. So I’m looking for ways to change it up and find new avenues to be creative in.

Personal Relationships 

Back to my personal relationships though, I am starting to be very selective in who I keep around me. I notice that many of the friends I’ve been keeping around aren’t on the same path as I am or have the same mentality. I’m not saying all your friends should be exactly like you. What I’m saying is that you should surround yourself with people who want to grow and expand their mind. People who support your success and push you to new heights. The people I’ve been keep around just aren’t there. As much I love them , there is no point me trying to convince them to see my way of things. I’m on a mission to make my dreams come true and I won’t change it because my friends don’t understand. They are on their own path and I’m on mine. Currently the circle has been knocked down to about 3 people. I’m just getting to know 2 of them and one I’m very close with. He’s like a brother to me , and me and him are very much on the same page when it comes to personal growth and success.

Take it slow

I’ve started to do this blog more often as a way to keep a habit going. I notice that when I tried to make changes in my life in the past I would try to go cold turkey or dedicate 100% into it. What would happen is that either I would only be able to abstain for about 2 weeks or so and be right back where I was or I would be rally good at maintaining the habit for a week or two and then I would be back to where I was. So now I’m trying to ease into things instead trying to rush into them. I notice that by gradually easing into things and not putting so much strain on yourself from the get-go that your able to build good habits more easily.

Free flow thought

This is the section where I just let my mind run free when i type. It may seem like my thoughts are all over the place but my mind runs really fast usually. I know that The better I get at this free flow thought the better I can understand myself on a deeper level. I want to be able to get to the core of who I really am and heal whats broken down there. I know I had a really rough childhood growing up and I know that I have some repressed feelings down there that I’ve chosen to hide from myself. It’s crazy how the mind can work like that. How even though I want to see whats going on deep underneath the layers of my mind . I’m not able too. Maybe subconsciously I’m not ready to deal with it. I don’t know. “I” do but I don’t. I’ve also been exploring how to work around my own faults recently too. I know I forget things a lot so I’m trying exercises that will help me remember things better. I have a really bad short term memory when it comes to things and I used to blame it all on the head injuries I’ve had in the past. But that’s really no excuse. I think it came down to really was that I just really didn’t care. and that led to me not remembering it . I then connected the dots and noticed that when I talk with people I don’t ask many details about them or show an interest in them at all. I started to think I was just an asshole that didn’t care about anything but myself but that’s not true. Is it because I don’t see value in the person? No… Everyone has value just it may not be useful to every person. I’ll figure it out. I like doing this daily blog thing , it gives me something to look forward to everyday. Its a time where I can just write and be free . I can write whatever the fuck I want on here and say whatever I want. I can say eggs make you retarded. Eggs are actually good for the gains though fam. Speaking of that , I need to get on my fitness train again . I’ve been slacking over the holidays , I’ve lost my discipline. Time to get back on it . Lets get it.

Stay Blessed , Stay Humble

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