Set points & models of reality

What is my minimum?

Today’s post is about proper life balance and growth. I want to take the time to actually plot out my goals and my set points. Set points are absolute minimums that you have to be able to achieve in your life. For example a set point is 20 pushups at anypoint in any day. Let’s say you get complacent and you dip below that threshold. You now have a system in place that is a feedback mechanism for your progress. It brings where your at into your awareness and you can then act on it. Lets say you fail at being able to do 20 pushups. You’ll then turn up the heat a little. I would then make my setpoint 21 pushups. Doing this gives me something to work towards and grow. This cycle of setting set points and turning up the heat keeps you in constant growth and keeps you from regressing back.

What are my setpoints?

  • Reading 2 books a month
  • A phone call to my parents each week
  • A phone call to a close friend a week
  • Going to the gym 3 times a week
  • Learn a new photoshop or  illustrator skill a week
  • A blog post a day
  • an art piece every 2 months
  • 25 pushups at anypoint in the day
  • My bank account always has 100$ in it at least
  • Put away at least 100$ a month to my savings

I think these are realistic set points for now. I’ll report back to see where I’ve progressed as I turn up the heat.

My Models of Reality 

This section is for seeing what my models of reality are. Models of reality are how you see the world and how you operate in it . Some of these models that you may see the world in may be WAY outdated. This may be due to you adopting these beliefs early in your childhood and you’ve stuck with them ever since. Some of these models are very disempowering and can hinder your growth as an individual .

Here are my current  disempowering models of reality , these are subject to change and improvement.

  • My memory is bad because I’ve had head injuries
  • I have to be broke in order to be a good person
  • I am bad at reading because I have to go back and re-read
  • In order to grow I must suffer
  • That great pain is the only way to grow
  • If I don’t know what something means I should stay quiet
  • If I’m not doing something that I’m useless
  • That I have to work for free in order to make connections
  • Being sad all the time is how I have to be
  • My emotions should be put aside because they make me weak
  • I don’t deserve love when I’m sad

These are my current empowering models of reality

  • I have the infinite potential to do anything I want
  • I have to power to create whatever I envision
  • I am enough
  • I am a unique individual
  • I am one part of a greater whole
  • I aim to serve the greater powers that are above me and a part of me
  • I will create for the greater good of man
  • I am not being greedy for asking for money for my work
  • I deserve love that is unconditional and without projections
  • I do not fear the darkness
  • I am whole
  • I feel the flow of my heart
  • The brighter my light the darker my shadow
  • I deserve to explore the infinite potential that is within me
  • I believe in the good of humanity
  • I will overcome any obstacle I face with consistent effort and determination
  • I will never give up on my dreams
  • I will become an artist that will empower generations after me
  • I feel
  • I will always strive to attain balance in all aspects of my external and internal life

That’s it for today , it helps to put all this down and record it somewhere . It helps me empty all the things that go on in my mind to help me feel at peace with myself. I feel so chaotic inside at times I feel like I’m going to tear apart . Inside of my is 2 very powerful forces constantly at war with each other. But over time I aim to create peace between the two so that I may live in harmony with myself and gain inner peace.

Stay Humble, Stay Blessed



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