There’s levels to it , you and I know

Lets just do a little free flow writing to get my thoughts out on to the page. I feel free here, I feel like the only place I can really speak my voice for now, is through this blog. It gives me a sense of freedom. I look forward to it at the end of the day. So I might write another post at the end of the day to keep my schedule consistent.

Self Authoring 

One thing I’ve started to do recently is I am filling out this thing called a self authoring suite. I havent finished it yet but the general idea is that you fill out a whole bunch of questions about yourself and you write in depth about each of the things that you answered about yourself. A.K.A the qualities that you listed about yourself. The goal with this self authoring is to improve yourself.

Am I enough?

What am I trying to prove by doing this self authoring suite? Nothing I just want to know more about myself. Am I doing this because I don’t think I’m good enough and I need to improve? No, I am enough. I just want to see what I am doing well already and seeing how I can capitalize on that further. I’m not doing this because I feel like I am inadequate as a person. I just feel like I should know myself on a deeper level. I want to know what truly motivates me deep down in my core as a human being. I want to be able to see what it’s like sitting in the center of myself so that I can feel more centered. And I’m doing what I’m doing because I am enough and I have the courage to do what I feel is right without judgments from other people. That finally set me at ease I had some internal conflict with whether or not I was doing this because I felt like I was enough or not. I do enjoy myself. I enjoy my own company as well as my own mind space.

Organizing my Mind 

I am adopting the idea of designing your thinking. I like the idea that the way you think is design-able. But that brings up the question can you design how you design? If you are designing your thinking that requires stepping out of your cycle of thinking and seeing it from a third person perspective. Would it be fair to assume that you could also step out of that thinking as well and see it from a whole other perspective? Would it then be safe to assume that this system of removing yourself out of your own thinking pattern scales up infinitely? It’s an interesting concept. Maybe this is what people mean when they say reaching higher levels of consciousness. Maybe depending on how many times you’ve done this level of mental ascension. the more advanced your mind is.

Who do I talk to about this shit? Like I can record it and document it as much as I want. But I feel the need to share it with someone who understands. Or understand it more deeply so that I can explain it simply to other people.

This is all I feel like writing today.

Stay Blessed, Stay Humble


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