Paving the path

Today’s post will be about creating your own path and charting your own maps. I recently have been doing a lot of self reflection and a lot of things that came up were dedicating to your mission. There are times when I choose to pursue my mission and I’m the only one on it. Now I don’t see this as a negative thing at all. I see it as empowering. I choose to ignore what everyone thinks of me and how they think I should act. I don’t do this because I’m ignorant to peoples suggestions but rather I know I have a very solid internal compass and self reflection methods. These two things combined create an unmovable internal compass. I have faith in my intuition and trust that it will lead me to where I need to go and be. I know that I will have to face some very big obstacles and challenges if I want to achieve my goals. However I know I have the perseverance and skills to overcome them. It will be a very long journey that is very rewarding.

What is my end goal?

My end goal is to create something the world has never seen before. I want to challenge the whole world’s perspective on what is actually possible. This will be my gift to the world. It will empower others to truly challenge the boundaries and push the limits of reality. What is it I plan to create? I plan to create a bio mechanical machine that is the perfect blend of man and machine. I’ll create a bio mechanical cheetah that I can sit inside. Why a cheetah? Mainly because they are the fastest animal on the planet and I love speed. I have no idea how I’m going to do it but I’m slowly putting together the puzzle pieces.

How do I plan to achieve my goal?

I’m not sure of the exact specifics of how I’m going to do it. However I know that I’ll have to make some connections with some very powerful people who believe in my mission. I’ll have to incorporate many points of view in order to see the whole picture. I’ll have to constantly adapt and revise my ways of thinking and solving problems as well as my lens through which I see the world. I’ll have to always remain focused on my goal. I’ll want to work in a place that will facilitate my journey as well as me facilitating theirs. I’ll become a CEO so that I may lead similar thinkers and minds to piercing the bubble of conventional thought. I’ll have a team of the most extraordinary minds on the planet to solve immense problems. They won’t all be focused on my Cheetah though. That’s my mission. I want to help them achieve their goals just like how they help with mine. I want to inspire generations to come to think outside the box and carve the box into something completely different. I will not let other people put me down. I will be an unmovable mountain in my pursuits.

Why do I want to achieve my goals?

I want to achieve my goals because I am the master of my own reality. I control how my life goes. I create my reality through my thoughts. I’ll visualize me achieving my goals. I’ll do it through constant and relentless effort. I’ll practice repetition of skills in order to become the master of them. I’ll never stop learning new things. I’ll always seek to improve myself. I’ll always keep myself in check. I’ll unlock the infinite potential I have inside of me and share that with others. I’ll empower others to see the infinite potential in themselves as well. I want to see massive change in the world. Not for personal gain but for a greater purpose. To move humanity towards peace and prosperity. To show people that the good of the human race can overpower the bad. To unite people in a way that’s never been done before. To become a true designer and design the world.

Cheers, to the journey ahead

I know the goals are ambitious, huge, and global. But I believe in myself and that’s the most powerful thing anybody can learn how to do. Self belief in what you do is so key to living the life you want. Now I’ll be honest I have a voice come up occasionally that tells me I can’t. That tells me I’m wasting my time, that never achieve my goals, that I should give up. That the world can’t be changed by a single person. The stronger I get , the stronger that voice gets. The more I fight it the more it hits back. The brighter my light , the darker my shadow, I accept that this is life. The light always scatters the darkness.

Stay Blessed, Stay Humble


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