The power and disempowerment of belief

Todays post is about belief. What is a belief ? Something you choose to accept as true. I like to think of it as accepting someone into your country at the airport. That person that you let into your country then becomes a part of it. If you don’t filter out the bad beliefs you’ll adopt it and it’ll bring you down without you even realizing it.

Cleaning the Operating System 

Recently over the past 2 months I’ve been doing a full internal cleanse. I’ve been looking at everything I believe and seeing if it empowers me, is based on a positive assumption of humanity. The best way I can explain it is like, a computer having viruses removed . For as long as they are there they hinder the entire system. I’m still doing the cleanse right now. There are some negative beliefs that are hidden deep in my internal operating system. They have engrained themselves so deeply in the belief system and have so many ties to so many beliefs. It’s going to hard to get out. But I’m going to keep digging until I’m clear. But what the hard part is doing this internal debugging all while fighting off new negative external beliefs in. This is why doing meditation retreats is so powerful. It gives you that space from the external world and you enter a very pure environment. This is why they do silent retreats. It gives people space away from ALL the chatter , all the noise and forces them to just be with themselves. I like to see meditation as sitting in a room where all the walls are mirrors. Everything you see is a reflection of you.

Installing updated hardware 

One thing about beliefs too is that you can also choose to believe empowering ones too. Beliefs that propel your forward through life and keep you centered. An example of a empowering belief that I’ve adopted is “I am the master of my own reality” That belief though has to be backed by other beliefs too or else it will fall by negative beliefs attacking it. An example of this is “But reality doesn’t bow down to anyone?”. This is countered by me saying “You create reality as you live it”

That’s all for today

Stay Blessed, Stay Humble



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