Unlock the Inner Beast

I’m going to keep todays post short because I need to get some sleep soon and it’s fucking late. I’m sleep deprived and I need to be at the top of my game in my job. But I made a promise to myself to make a post everyday no matter what the condition. If i cant keep a promise to myself , I can’t keep one to anyone . A man that can’t keep his word, can’t keep shit . Now today’s reflections is more about what I want to do with my life and being unswayed by anything in my life. I have a mission to achieve my goals.

Nothing stands in my way 

Now this mission I’m on . I will not let anything , or anyone sway me from it. I don’t care what people try to bribe me with . I don’t care what people think I should do. I will do what I feel is right because I have a very strong internal compass.  I challenge myself everyday and push myself to new limits . Every. Single. Day. I will not become “comfortable”. I will be come comfortable being uncomfortable. This is my personal philosophy and this is the quickest way for growth. It is not fucking easy in any way at all. But that is what separates me form everyone else. I am a very grounded person. I will not let anything unroot me . At all.. Ever. There will be times where people will test me. Life will test all it fucking wants and I will either pass with flying colors or fail and and absorb the lesson and move on. I will not dwell what so fucking ever. I will not get lost in the future. I will remain present and ALWAYS keep my eye on the prize.

Empower yourself to empower others

This is my whole view on things. It’s been so fucking backwards the entire time. This is another “Brule” or bullshit rule and disempowering model of reality ( set points and models of reality , 2018/01/06 ) I’ve been trying to help people find the power within themselves all this time. Without first finding that power within me . Now that I think about it why the fuck did I believe this? It literally makes 0 sense. NONE. So today I’ve deleted another internal virus in me ( The power and disempowerment of belief , 2018/01/11 ) Im getting down to the core of my very centre and getting to the root cause. This root cause I know I’m getting closer and closer to I can taste it. I am a root chakra and I will become my purest self . Whatever is lying deep down inside of me is scared and knows im coming for it. And I’m coming for it fast and with deadly precision. I’m going to kill this internal virus the same way a Navy Seal sniper does. Im done letting myself be controlled be external forces and going along with things. Im done going with the flow. Im am going to make the flow. I’m going to carve the path and that is my purpose. This is my truth and I will live it, embody it , and become it. I am unstoppable, I am the master of my own reality, I am the Buddhacris. Watch . The . Fuck. Out.

Stay Blessed, Stay Humble


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