Masculine & Feminine Energies

It’s late. I had an interesting experience today. Lately I’ve been reading a particular book and part of it talks about beta and alpha males , as well as masculine and feminine energy. I noticed that a lot of the couples i saw today the woman had to take charge and lead the man. She was leading him around and showing him the way . I definitely notice the shift in feminine energies in guys now. The woman has to take on a masculine role in order to balance the relationship out. and the guy takes a backseat and gets lead. Woman are uncomfortable in masculine energy. It’s not who they are are their core. Feminine energy is physically, spiritually, and emotionally designed to receive. Masculine energy is all about giving and leading. But I think the issue is that so many guys are off center from their masculine core that they have taken on some of that feminine energy. I literally see it everywhere. Guys are wishy- washy, they become needy and insecure, they always chase women around. I can’t really judge though , I used to be like that. Until one day it changed, I came across a book that would change how I saw things forever. It explains how body language says a lot more than you think. It explains why women say one thing but mean another. It talks about alot. I cant really go into depth as I’m about to pass out typing this .

I just want to end on this note. Take back control of your energy guys , It’s what you’ve been looking for the entire time to solve your problems. It’ll give you direction and purpose so you can feel empowered and achieve the goals never knew you could .

Stay Humble, Stay Blessed.


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