Look within not around

Alright quick post today because I gotta head out soon. I’m giving my family more of my time now. I spent a lot of time away from them and neglecting them because I was trying to search the world for my purpose. The “WHY” of what I do. I looked everywhere it was driving me to depression because I wasn’t able to find my purpose. Nothing kills a man on the inside more than not knowing why he is doing what he is doing. It feels like your rotting from the inside.

All your answers lie within

Over the course of the past few months I’ve been doing a lot of HEAVY introspection. Pretty much really diving into myself and seeing who I am. What I want in life. How I want to help people. I notice the more that I reflect on myself the more that I’m able to grow. It helped so so so much to just take a moment and step outside of myself for a second and really look at what I was doing and how I was affecting my environment. I began to see that I was on a path of self destruction. Chasing material objects in order to fill that void I had inside of me. That changed though when I realized that happiness doesn’t come from objects , or things, or other people even. It comes from being at peace with yourself and where you are in your present moment. True Zen. I realize now that I was chasing goals that I would never be satisfied with even if I achieved them. This is because they always had another goal after it to replace it. I was tying my happiness to being able to achieve my goals. If I didn’t achieve my goals I would become  unhappy.  I separate these goals into 2 things .

Means goals and end goals

End goals is a goal that you are 100% not willing to compromise.  A means goal is a goal that is just stepping stone on the way to an end goal?

I know now that If your not happy pursuing your goal , what makes you think you’ll be happy once you get it? ( Paving the path 2018/01/09 )

So the real question is , What do you truly want?

Stay Humble, Stay Blessed


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