Don’t really know what I’m going to be writing here until I write to be honest. I just let my fingers do the work and my mind takes a backseat and lets the creation happen. Its like I channel the universe in a way. I let the words flow from my minds into my fingers and then I just sit back inside my head and watch the magic happen. Now it’s something I like to call the flow state.

Flow state 

Now its hard to explain what this flow stare really is but I can only describe what part of it is like. Its like trying to describe a taste to someone. You can describe it as much as you want but until they actually try it for themselves they’ll never know. That’s what the flow state feels like. I feel like nothing but the present moment matters and everything I do feel effortless and easy. One thing though with the flow state is that if you don’t step out of it occasionally you can’t grow. It’s like programming a robot. You can program it’ll do its thing . But if it doesn’t do something right then you have to go back in the coding and fix the bug. Flow state is a lot like that except without the fixing part. That’s where meditation comes in. Meditation is that self reflection you do on what happened during the flow state. Its so crucial to do that self reflection.

Learn to Meditate…..Please….

I can’t say this enough in this blog. I’ll keep saying it to engrain it into whoever reads this. FUCKING LEARN IT, it’s legit the key to solving every single problem you have. Monks have been doing it for centuries. Every religion has it in some form or another. It’s literally an age old practice. But there’s so much mumbo jumbo around it. Kinda like design thinking. Everyone uses this word without knowing what it fully is and it just becomes this buzzword that people use. It get’s over used and the meaning get stripped away from it and it becomes this empty word. I’m here to bring that meaning back to it and give a clear concise description of it. I’m here to speak my truth. Now I think the biggest benefit to meditation is that it has taught me to be much more mindful of myself. I notice the things that I say and reflect on them. This is how I keep myself in check. There is a downside to this though , It’s that the self reflection at times can be paralyzing. Spending so much time just reflecting and reflecting and reflecting. You get lost in your own head. This is also where meditation comes in again…. Meditation teaches you to be aware of when your thoughts stray from your breath. For example I could be meditating and I start thinking about what I want to eat for dinner, what I spices I should use, whether I still have soy sauce left, whether I have rice cooked , and on and on and on and on. Then I notice I am going off on a tangent and have strayed away from my breath. That skill of being able to notice when you go off on the tangent is what is absolutely key to mastering.

Master mindfullness and you master your mind.

Stay Humble , Stay Blessed


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