Foundations of Teamwork

We just had our first class back in UNIV. Not gonna lie it feels really good to be back in here. My mind has been itching for this type of learning again. I just love the journey I get to take with other students. The things we learn in this class may seem kinda redundant at times. But I’m surprised and excited how little I know in this class.

Why are we learning this?

Some of the things we are learning about teamwork can be transferred to literally just about any workplace. In my opinion going up to an interview and saying ” I know exactly how to work in a team, how to identify my strengths and delegate out my weaknesses, how to work within a team and be as efficient as possible, how to solve team conflicts”  The list goes on. I think that’s the true potential of this class.

Teaching us how to think , not what to think 

This class has taught me to question things that’s for sure. I believe in teaching people how to look for whatever information they find important to them. How to apply that information. Finding a way to take that information and use it for your own benefit. Is such a game changer. Our current educational landscape is evolving…fast…and if post secondary can’t keep up then soon its done. I definitely see university changing from a place where people paid for information and knowledge to a place where people learn how to find information and relevant knowledge. You can find almost anything on the internet nowadays. Why would I be motivated to go sit in a lecture hall, copy down notes, and regurgitate the information back in the form of circling A B C D E . Is that really how we’re seen as? It’s such an insult to the people that created that information in the first place. I would guess that the researchers and scholars of the past would’ve wanted people put the information to use. To create change in the world. Its so sad.

That’s just my 2 cents though.

Whats happening Doc?

Right now in the class we just got grouped up with our teams for the semester. Our group is doing a ugly food cooking show. I’m currently assessing the dynamic of the group to try to see how we will work together. I have 2 really competitive team members which is good and another I haven’t had time to assess yet. But going by my gut feeling I can tell that we’ll work together and I think the only thing that’s going to slow us down a bit is the research phase.

That’s it for weeks 1 & 2


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