A time bound creation for the timeless entities

Through this medium I shall create . Not for myself but for the people after me. To create not for personal gain but for all to enjoy. That is the true nature of creation. To work for the divine is an honor. On these pages I shall write and create.

What am I going to create? Who knows I’ll leave that up to the Muse. All I’ll do is write and let the words flow through me into existence. From the divine into reality. It’s a very poetic way of seeing it . That what your create is not a creation of you per se. But a floating energy waiting to be channeled through me. I’ll need a lot of practice to get better at this but I’ll endure and persevere. Put the work in and get the work out. It’s just a bery simple formula. Whenever I write I feel as if there is a crown on my head glowing. Connected to a higher power. I am but a being bound by time , serving the timeless. I wish to create something for them to enjoy for an eternity later. A play? A screenwrite? I know… The screenplay for the short film idea . Lets start.



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