You control your fears

Today’s topic is fear

Fear, it comes in many forms. It halts our progress and stands in our way all the time. It’s this invisible force that always seems to fight us and resist everything that we do. I think thought that fear is only as powerful as you let it be. It’s an illusion nothing but an idea in your head that has no power in reality. That’s all it is though really. It’s just an idea in your head.

The more fear the better 

The more fear towards an experience or situation that you feel. The more you should pursue that path. That fear is the part of you that is afraid of the unknown, its afraid of leaving the comfort zone and stepping into growth. It’s a very powerful force. But depending on how you look at it it can either be a paralyzing force or a motivating force. It all is on your perspective. How you CHOOSE to see it is so critical. People tend to get caught up in seeing only one side of things and the other side of the coin get completely ignored. It’s like that for so many people. Like people may see failure as a negative thing and it keeps them from pursuing what they want. You can also see failure as a positive thing , failure is the opportunity for growth. It is meant to teach you something and your meant to take that lesson and move on and keep progressing. No more time you spend dwelling in the past about the failure the more that your removed from the present moment and the more your future diverges.


Its funny, people seem to see time as this finite resource and they only have so much of it. What’s hard to grasp though is that if you become fully present time starts to lose meaning. Ever become so absorbed in something that you lose track of time? Ever become so engaged in a conversation you don’t check the time and see how long its been? That’s the power of being present. Its blissful really, to be swept up by time and taken for a ride . Then as soon as your aware that you’ve been swept up, your back. You think to yourself where did the time go? How does this tie to fear? Fear is just an emotion of the future. It’s the thought of what’s going to happen that keeps you from being present. You become attached to that fear. It’s comfort in have a slight idea of what’s going to happen. It’s predictable , its comfort. Being present is absolute courage , whatever happens is what happens. I let the moment take me to where it needs to at that time. What happens is I tend to end up in situations that just seem to be the perfect moment. I say just the right thing , to just the right person , at just the right place. At times I kinda feel like a chess piece being strategically placed in just the right spot to do my job. Do I have free will then? Of course, but thats a conversation for another time.

I’m going to include a bonus art piece I made a while back based on the topic of fear. enjoy 🙂

Stay Humble Stay Blessed.


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