Find a grind that feeds your mind

Knowledge is the best investment you can make. I started reading more books recently. A lot more. I noticed that my mind was starving before I started reading. I would crave something to stimulate my thinking. I’ve started audiobooks. I can listen to them anytime I’m doing something mindless. Walking, driving, or working out. It helps to have something interesting to think about. I’ve always loved learning, I was a “keener” in school. Still am. I just study different things instead of irrelevant shit in a textbook I’ll never look beyond chapter 4. It’s really fun being able to read about something , apply it to your life, and see the things you read in the book happen in real life. In a way it’s magical. I’ve rekindled my love for books. I just have to choose the right ones.

Start a book club 

There’s no better way to spark a friendship with someone then through a book. You can tell so much about a person by the type of books that they read. You can connect on a subject that you both are highly interested in. You can talk about subjects in the book and how it relates to each of your lives. There’s opportunities for deep connection between two people if the book really resonates with them. That’s why I started a book club. Its kinda hard to get everyone to agree on a single book though. So I’m trying a different approach. Everyone reads a book they are passionate about and when we meet once a month we each talk about the book and what it meant to us. This is a great way to get the best out of every book , the most important parts at least. You get a wide variety of awesome books that people in the club love. And it’s the best conversation starter.

Feed your mind 

Find things that grow your mind and block out things that shrink it. I’ve been doing a lot of self growth recently and learning to filter out the bullshit is absolutely essential. It’s also meant distancing myself away from people that gave off negative energy. Even if im friends with them , the conversations I had with them were not stimulating to me and I felt like I was being dragged down. As a friend of mine recently said “Conversation is the merging of consciousness” . Now if a talk to someone who is on a lower “level” than me on a consistent basis. I don’t really feel stimulated in the conversation and I become disinterested. Out of respect for the both of us I’ll end the conversation. I’m not going to pretend to be interested in what he/she is saying because I don’t like being fake to people but I also am not going to stay in the conversation if it doesn’t interest me. Just my thoughts today before I go to sleep and start a new day. I’m slowly finding my path, I have a long way to go , Im not perfect ( I hope I never am ) .  That’s it for today .

Stay Humble Stay Blessed


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