The Little Things Add Up

So let’s talk about the little things. I’ve started to notice that I spend so much time trying to work towards “The Big Things” that I forget about the little things. The big things are really just a whole bunch of really small things done right. I forget that at times and I feel like a lot of people are totally unaware of it. Im guilty of it but I try my best to avoid it.

Small things 

The small things in life are what really touch me the most. My friend keeps a small shitty art piece I made or they give me a small notebook. It means so much. Being able to give something so small to someone that means alot shows that you truly care about them. The bigger and more broad a gift someone gives me. I’m not as inclined to feel anything. “Hey here’s this 200$ gift card go buy a whole bunch of things” On the surface that may seem like a great thing , It’s not that I’m being ungrateful it’s just that, from people who have known me all my life since I’ve been in diapers shitting myself to now. A 5$ notebook is worth so much more to me than a 200$ gift card.

It’s kinda funny how the smallest things make the biggest impact. Kinda true for a lot of things in life. A small oil leak can ruin an engine. One inspired kid can change the world. A notebook to create the future.

The post for today is small, but I guess that fits the theme. If your reading this, which I don’t know what else you’d be doing this far into the post. Take the time to do the little things for your loved ones and friends. You don’t need to wait till their birthday or christmas to make their day. Doesn’t even have to be something you buy. A simple hug, a genuine I love you, Kiss your mom, tell your brother or sister you appreciate them. Small things….

(P.S If anybody reads this can you comment? like I wanna talk to the people that read this if anyone. First off thanks for spending time to read this I love you and I do it for you and Secondly hit me up on Instagram if you wanna chat about life. Because life is interesting right?! Again I love you and appreciate whoever reads this and gets value out of it. If you have topics you’d like me to write about shoot a comment or DM me on insta at the_buddhacris )

Stay Humble Stay Blessed



  1. Thanks for the reminder homie 😉 I needed to hear this today.

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