The Sniper Mentality

Let’s talk mindsets for a moment. Ok so mindset is literally the key to everything you do. It’s how you see the world, it’s how you interact with it, it’s how you overcome challenges, It’s a lot of things. Now what you want to do is design/create a mindset for yourself,  to set yourself up to succeed in any area of life. Now what’s great about creating your own mindset is that you have complete control over how it is developed. This can be both a very good thing and a bad thing . The key is being able to see if your mindset leans in a negative or positive direction. This is where meditation comes in. Meditation allows you to be mindful of your own thoughts and allows you to step back from yourself/mindset to see which way it leans. Now you may be asking yourself what mindsets or mentalities should I adopt so I can better myself.

Let me tell you about The Sniper Mentality, These are the rules:

  • The Sniper makes sure his team is covered
  • The Sniper is deadly accurate and always hits his target
  • The Sniper knows what to do in order to hit his target
  • The Sniper is calm and collected in all situations
  • The Sniper knows his tools just as well as he knows himself
  • The Sniper does everything in his power to complete the mission
  • The Sniper never lets fear control his actions
  • The Sniper hits hard, and fast
  • The Sniper knows exactly what he is aiming for
  • The Sniper knows when not to shoot
  • The Sniper never reveals his position pre-maturely
  • The Sniper remains focused and vigilant
  • The Sniper is a team player and a lone wolf
  • The Sniper accounts for all factors that can affect the shot
  • The Sniper does not fuck around on the job
  • The Sniper is patient
  • The Sniper is aware of his surroundings
  • The Sniper hones his aim daily
  • The Sniper does not second guess himself
  • The Sniper never shoots the innocent

And most Importantly ” The Sniper decides with emotion and executes with logic

Welcome to The Sniper Mentality

Stay Humble Stay Blessed


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