Reconnecting with your family

I’m more in the mood to talk about more real life shit today. I just got back from my dad’s house and having dinner over there. It was nice to be back there and hang out with my little sister for a while. After dinner was over though and we just kinda hung out . I noticed something now that I have a different lense over the world now. The relationship between my step mom and my dad is exactly the same as between my mom and dad when they were together. The type of relationship that I saw between my parents really affected me and how I approached relationships in the future. And I can’t help but see that my dad is going in the same loop as he has been going in before. I only just recently was able to escape the loop that my childhood put me in. I don’t want my little sister making the same mistakes that I did and end up getting hurt. I don’t want my dad and step mom having the same relationship that my dad and mom had. But I don’t worry about that , that is something that is in the future and can be changed.

Give love unconditionally 

The best I can do is remove the barriers of resentment that sit between my parents and I. I’m slowly learning to love them for who they are because they are just human and make mistakes too. I may be a little fucked up still and trying to fix it because of them. But its also because of them that I’ve learned to be caring to others, work hard for what I want, pursue my goals no matter what. By loving them for who they are I can show them what real love looks like and hopefully they can translate that into their own lives and relationships. I sound like a fucking hippy right now but it’s true. That’s all each of us wants at the end of the day. To be surrounded by people that care about us and love us. Not by people that hate and resent us. Love each and every person you meet , give them your respect even if you don’t think they deserve it. Each and every single person that walks past you on the street, passes you in a car, sits across from you in the train, sells you your coffee… each of those people has a story. Filled with ups and downs , tears and laughter, good moments and bad. It’s easy to think your some hot shot just because you have a better paying job than other people , drive a nicer car, have more friends, have more followers on instagram. People say it’s hard to stay humble as you become more successful and do better for yourself.

I say that’s bullshit

Stay Humble Stay Blessed.


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