Get out of your own way

Ahhhh lets get it. Almost slept on today’s post. Gotta keep the discipline up. discipline = freedom after all.

Today’s topic : Get the hell out of your own way

No seriously 

Each and every one of us has dreams and aspirations. But why isn’t every person I meet happy where they are in life? One factor may be that many people are self limiting themselves. People tell themselves things that discourages them from doing something. I’m not saying I dont catch myself doing this from time to time ( Meditate please 1/15/2018but I’ve been getting better at just letting myself do my thing. If that makes any sense. There’s always that voice in my head that gives a REALLY good excuse, or a argument that makes A LOT of sense. But. I dismiss it. I say fuck you to the voice and continue doing my thing. I now realize that , the voice I hear is just another form of resistance (Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative BattleThe persistence of resistance with creation is consistent, it creates a distance between you and your divine existence. Fucking bars fam ( YEET ) . Anyways as I saying SILENCE that voice. Bury it underneath your true calling. That voice that says “That work is not good enough to be released” or “Don’t publish that book you need to make more revisions to it before you do”. Resistance creates promises with you that it never keeps.

So I’ll leave you with this. What’s keeping you from living the life you know you want ?

Stay Humble Stay Blessed


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