Daily Self-Empowerment Exercise

On todays menu : Love yo’ self

Be your own hype man or woman 

Today I want to talk about self empowerment and how powerful it really is. Giving yourself that adoration and self pep talk is absolutely essential to keeping yourself in a positive mentality. Some of the things I do to keep myself in check is I look at myself in the mirror , and say I love you to myself and sneak a little wink into there. I tell myself I’m awesome. I tell myself I’m not perfect but I plan on getting damn near close. Little things like this may seem small but over time they definitely add up. Repeating this to myself over and over and over. This keeps this self talk echoing in my head and not after a while of doing it. I just becomes a part of who I am and it becomes a baseline for how I think.

Self-Criticism or Self-Improvement 

There is a very fine line between self criticism and improvement. Dip too far towards criticism and you end up beating yourself up and end up feeling down. Employ too much self love and acceptance and you’ll end up being complacent and growth stops. So learning to balance yourself and saying ” Hey this work I did is really good, But I can do better” You accept yourself for who you are but always strive to improve. It’s a self feeding positive feedback loop. Learn to break your cycles and hop into this one and you’ll find your true Zen . Life is all about harmony not only with others but also yourself.

“Only once are you at peace with yourself, can you bring peace to others”

Stay Blessed Stay Humble


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