Enjoy appreciating yourself

I want to talk about Joy. It seems to be a very rare thing to see genuine joy in people. I notice that people seek for it in all the wrong places. Hell even I made that mistake. Looking for joy in things and material objects, superficial things. Once you begin to look past the surface of things you’ll realize there is so much more than you thought. It’s like the ocean. You could spend your entire life on the surface, but once you look below. You realize there is beauty and life beneath.

Where to start looking ?

Now the real question is where do you look? Look in the mirror, that person you see looking back at you is the key to finding your happiness. Now I’m not talking about the person wearing the clothes and the hair , or no clothes if your frisky. One thing I do that helps me is self appreciation. Just giving yourself the thanks for getting you to where you are now. All the struggles you’ve overcome. All the hurdles you’ve conquered. All the people you’ve affected along the way. Here is my letter of appreciation to myself.

Dear Michael,

Thank you for getting me this far. You’ve helped me overcome so many struggles. You’ve helped me climb out of the darkest pits known to man. We navigated the maze and made it out into the light. You help me see the light in the world and constantly send me positivity. You showed me the strength that I have in myself and shown me a whole nother world in this one. Thank you for staying up late to get work done that due the next day. Thank you for grinding so hard day in and day out with the end goal in mind. Thank you for getting into uncomfortable situations that have helped me grow. Thank you for having the mentality of a fucking soldier. Thank you for toughing it out when the times get rough. Thank you for having a fearless attitude. Thank you for everything. Let’s make it happen.

All the best,

Michael T. Do

Stay Humble Stay Blessed

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