Chaos and Order

I skipped a post , sorry about that won’t happen again. I just had a lot of things to do and couldn’t get around to it. Never mind that’s a bullshit excuse. I had many opportunities to do it during the day yesterday and I didn’t. Calling myself out on that one. Anyways to the topic.

Order & Certainty 

We all need a certain degree of certainty in our lives. Whether that be a set routine that we follow or a night time habit we have. But it’s when we have too much certainty in our lives is where life starts to get boring and predictable. We stick ourselves in a box that very familiar and very boring. It’s the logical side of us that tries to structure our day into chunks and schedule things. It’s the side of us that tries to rationalize things, its the side of us that tries to come up with laws and theories for life to better understand the chaos of the world. It’s the side of us that loves routine and structure and the familiar. It’s the Yang inside of us.

Chaos & Uncertainty 

We all also need a certain level of uncertainty and chaos in our lives. It’s the chaos that brings something new into our lives, It’s the section of life that we can’t possibly predict. It’s the part of our day that we have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s that certain level of not knowing that excites us. It’s the part of us that wants to be free and wild and not be labeled anything. It’s the spontaneous side of us , the side that has a sudden urge to just go to something because we feel like it. It’s the part of us that looks into the sky and just accepts it for what it is , instead of trying to put things into categories. It’s the Yin inside of us.


Learning to live in-between these two forces is the optimal place to be. You can structure your day but not everything you do has to be scheduled, leave some time just for spontaneous things to happen. You can create an art piece and not know exactly what your going to make but still use your previous experience as a guide. You can be upfront with people and very blunt , but there are also times where you need to be accommodating and take into account others feelings. Balance between chaos and order is absolutely key to living a life. I’m not going to say happy because striving to be happy all the time isn’t realistic. It’s okay to be sad at times, and happy at others. Too much of one or the other is bad. Too much order in your life and it becomes boring and repetitive . Too much chaos in your life and your overwhelmed and you can’t adapt fast enough. Stick to your comfort zone, but take some steps outside too. By doing so a little but of the infinite unknown chaos becomes known and you progress. The comfort with the stepping into the unknown is what I strive for. It’s not easy but immense growth comes out of it. So , learn to be in balance with yourself . Order and Chaos .

Stay Humble Stay Blessed



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