You don’t need to explain yourself to an older generation

Something on my mind today as I was at work was, So many people are my school are going there because they want to fulfill their parents expectations of themselves and because their parents tell them they have to go. I used to be in that situation so I can’t say that hasn’t happened to me but I took the leap and said fuck that . I realized that the only reason that my parents were telling me to go to University and get a degree and ALLLL that bullshit was because that is the only they that people could be successful in THEIR time. It’s understandable , they want the best for me and this was the best option for how they saw and understood the world.

Models of reality 

What they didn’t realize though is that I grew up in a WHOLE nother world. We didn’t go to the street corner to watch music videos out of a lightbox anymore. You could stay at home and watch your favourite concerts without going to the auditorium. You could download movies instead of going to blockbuster. It’s a whole paradigm shift to the way of living my parents had. I realized I wasn’t going to be happy living to try to fit into a model of reality that I wasn’t born into. It was uncomfortable. But that stage of uncomfortable was what caused me to grow into the person I am today. It’s what caused me to take the leap out of a safe life and decide to live life on my own terms on my own time with my own goals and aspirations. I decided that if I was going to live this life . I have to live it for myself. That’s not to say I’m going to abandon my parents and say fuck you and vanish. I’m going to respect the fact that they want the best for me and show them the world we live in today instead of trying to explain it to them. I love them and I want them to be able to kick back, relax , and not have to worry about making a living but living instead. They’ve had a long ass fucking run and it’s time that I return the favor. I’m going to be doing a lot of things in the very near future that will make that reality true. I’m going to make my parents proud, not because I seek their validation, but because I want to show them that I’m so grateful for everything they’ve done for me. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to escape a country in wartimes under the veil of night. Being crammed in a boat with hundreds of other people underneath the deck of the boat. Praying for their lives that the coast guard doesn’t catch them and kill them. I can’t imagine that. But there’s one thing that I can. It’s that I can provide for my parents and give them the life that they came here for. They’ve been through so much.

I love you Mom and Dad

Stay Humble Stay Blessed


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