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I haven’t been making many updates due to the pace of the class going relatively slow to what I’m used to outside of class when it comes to project based work . But this is a little update on whats been going on and my thoughts on it.

We just finished an interview with one of the foodbank reps and they were ecstatic to hear about our idea. Although I did feel like we could’ve gotten to this stage a little bit faster had we not spent so much time on the stakeholder process. Our idea has taken a slight evolution in terms of its main premise. We had an ugly food cooking show as our original idea but it that has since changed.

The team was slightly hesitant about changing the idea because we had the notion of we had to choose one idea and stick with it the entire time. That notion has now been removed and our team has become more accepting of change and evolution.

I think the reason that notion was even there in the first place was because of the social cultural mindset that has been instilled over the general student population. We as students are bred to think that we have to choose one degree by the end of high school and then we have to stick with that degree then we have to get a job and so on. In that mindset there really is no room for the natural evolution that people go through as human beings.

Here is how I view things correct me if I’m wrong. The current modern education system was spawned out of the industrial revolution. Aka production lines, factory belts, product in , product out type things. Because of this students are treated the same way. Each student is taught the same thing at the same time and then moved onto the next stage. This system is highly restrictive for students and is a fundamentally dehumanizing experience. Students are rewarded for complying with what they are being told. However in today’s workplace we are required to be creative, think on our feet, work with others , and present our ideas in an engaging manner. None of this is cultivated in the majority of today’s institutions. This leads to a problem of students becoming extrinsically motivated to do things and the internal motivations of the students are ignored and buried because of this the common thought that runs through students minds is ” I got to do this because I have to “. That feeling that students are trying to fill others expectations instead of their own is so demotivating to students.

Now in terms of “How does this relate to what I’m doing in this course?” this is how it ties back to what happens in the UNIV class. This class fights all these things I mentioned above very well. However I do notice slight remnants of the old system within this one. Lets starts off with the good things. First off the class promotes creative thinking. We are encouraged to come up with our own solutions and our own problems as well. We aren’t rewarded for following what we are exactly told to do. We are rewarded by the insight we gain into ourselves through this process. We get the feeling of empowerment that we can actually create an idea of our own that is completely original and are able to execute on it. That is not something that happens at all in any class outside of the UNIV class. Now for the things I notice that can be improved. The class has very little room for discussion that was so valuable in the 201 course. The fact that students we able to have a room wide discussion was so powerful. The students were able to latch onto a topic suggested either by the instructor or a student . Then they were able to build on that topic and dive deeper into the issue. This lead to amazing and thoughtful discussion in class that took students level of thinking to a whole other level. Another thing is that the class feels a little too restrictive in the sense that we are being told when to do things , how to do it properly and what to do. This is the element of the old system that I was talking about earlier. I understand that we have to know how something before we do it. However there is no room for that natural learning that happens by students just trying out things and reporting back on it. It’s much like going to a class and learning the entirety of the theory before you get to do any practice. I don’t think that is the balanced way to approach things. Rather a balance can be struck when you allow students to go out on their own and discover things and make mistakes then they report back their findings and the theory is then explained and where they went wrong. That in my opinion is a much stronger approach to this.

Thats all for today

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