The power of writing

One of the things I learned in the class was the importance of writing down things that go on in your head. It was a little anecdote that Ola , our instructor gave to us that sparked this shift in me. She compared our minds to glasses of juice and if that glass is full of juice you can’t get any more. So you have to empty it out to get more juice right? only then can the glass be filled back up.

From my perspective this “juice” is the pure creative energy that lies in our heads and by writing things down do you “empty the juice”. Before I took the course I would try to  juggle everything in my head and that just led to me feeling confused and being disorganized. However by writing everything down I could organize the chaos that was in my head into lines that I could actually see and were tangible. It felt like by doing so I was untangling a huge ball of knots in my head and writing would be the act of untangling this ball of knots and sorting it out. In a way it was really empowering to me to regain control back over my mind. It gave me some sanity back as well as gave me a deeper understanding of my own psychological processes. This is something that I’ll continue to practice long after the class is over.


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